Wire Rope Slings

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Wire Rope Slings are strong, durable and abrasion resistant. Wire Rope Slings are used to harness various kinds of goods. They offer a strong, dependable and economical option for most lifting applications. The popularity of Wire Rope Slings is enhanced by the number of configurations possible and available to support a huge range of applications.

Slings Sizes – 8 mm to 96 mm

Capacity – 0.5 Ton to 100 Tons

Single Leg / Multi Leg / Endless

We offer Grade 80 and Grade 100 accessories as options

We offer Mechanical Splicing and Hand Splicing Slings as per Indian Standards

Wire Rope Used for Sling making – Usha Martin / Bridon Bekeart / Safelift

Manufacturer: Safelift

Product Type: Slings