Manual Winch GM-3

Product Details:

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Headquarters and Factory
1296-22, Nakaya, Nishifukai, Nagareyama-shi
Chiba 270-0107 JAPAN

Founded in 1976 as a specialist winch manufacturer in Japan.

Main Features :

  • Performance
  • Safety 
  • Durability 
  • Compactness 
  • Ergonomic

The Maxpull winch is World Class. Gravity is our only rival

Carefully selected materials as well as advanced design and technology provide the extremely high safety. We have enhanced the strength of the portions where load is intensively applied by combining a precision press-processing rib or double plate.

Model GM-3
Max capacity 980N (100kgf) 5? Winding of a wire rope up to 4th layer
Drum capacity ?5X35m
Gear ratio 1/1
Handle force 1 1st layer : 143N (14.6kgf)
Handle force 2 3rd layer : 187N (19.0kgf)
Handle force 3 4th layer : 208N (21.2kgf)
Handle length 250mm
Weight 7.2 kg

Manufacturer: Maxpull

Product Type: Winch